Company Information

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Intentions of the Company

The promotion and acknowledgement to use aluminium. To participate in the process as a specific bidder. Our standards too meet with contractor’s approval. Favorable position or in good faith standing with all. To provide outstanding products. To ensure high standards of professional competence and conduct. Serve and protect the interests of clients. To be informed of the latest technology. Ensure that the product, when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instruction, gives satisfactory performance when used as intended.

Industrial Classification

  • Buy, Sell, Manufacture & Installation of all aluminium and glass products

Big Aluminium & Glass contributes to the staff provident fund. Big Aluminium and all our Staff members are registered at the Bargaining Council for Building Industries.

With all our staff members and new appointees, strict rules and conditions are applicable. Our personnel are well motivated, in turn producing exceptional workmanship resulting in above average salaries and often awarded with merit compensation.